Sell Your Machine

New or old; the good, the bad and the ugly – we’ll take a look at any machine. It doesn’t matter which manufacturer or what condition it’s in. You have two options when it comes to selling your machine with Easy2Reach…

1. We Will Buy Your Machine

Sell your machine directly to us and get a competitive price, with payment made to you straight away. This service has a fast turnaround, allowing you to sell your platform quickly.

2. We Can Sell Your Machine

If you’re not in a rush and would prefer to make more of a profit, we can also sell your machine on your behalf.

This is a fixed fee broker service – we’ll sell your machine for an agreed fixed commission price. You’ll get more money than selling to us direct, however you won’t get this until the product is sold. This may mean waiting a while, depending on the market.

What We’ll Need

To help us give you a quote for your platform, we’ll require the following details:

  • A photo of the serial plate
  • Photos of each side of the machine
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • The year made
  • Hours used
  • Any known faults
  • Service history
  • Details of last LOLER test

Whichever option you choose, we’re ready and waiting for you. Send us your platform details and photos either via email, text or WhatsApp, for a same day evaluation.