LOLER Tests, Diagnostics & Repairs

Our UK wide team of fully trained and accredited engineers provide LOLER inspections for all types of lifting equipment, as well as a responsive diagnostics and repair service to help ensure the safety of your machinery and equipment.

It is a legal requirement to have all lifting equipment regularly examined for use within the workplace. Our LOLER examination centre in the North West, has been servicing lifting equipment across a range industries since 2009.

Get in touch and book an appointment to drop your machine into our workshop, arrange a call out from our nationwide network of CAP approved engineers or to discuss a diagnostic.

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What Is LOLER?

UK legislation requires employers or owners of lifting equipment to maintain that equipment in a safe working condition for employees and equipment operators.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) apply to all lifting equipment used in a workplace, for lifting both loads and people.

LOLER examinations are required every 6 months for access platforms by qualified inspectors. Like a car MOT, a LOLER provides a report which qualifies the equipment as being safe for use or provides advice on defects that need correcting.